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Connecting Patients With Their Families

Patient Family Connections has one single goal, to make sure that no patient anywhere cannot connect with their loved ones when they need them the most.

Hello! My Name Is Adil Amanullah,

I can confidently say that I speak for many when I say that these are very challenging times. Social Distancing and Isolation regulations, although for our betterment, can be hard to live with. But what helps us cope with the inability to converse with friends and family face-to-face is the blessing of communication technology. Whenever we would like to talk to someone, we can just use our devices and chat freely with no restrictions. Sadly, this is not true for many people who unfortunately have to adapt to hospital life.

As a child of two physicians, every day, I hear stories of patients who are unable to see their family or friends because of their situation in the hospital. Most of the time, however, this is not because of restrictions imposed by the hospital. On the contrary, this is because of the lack of the appropriate technology for these patients to do so. When I first heard these stories, this really struck me. I believe all humans need many things such as food, water, or shelter, but arguably most importantly, the ability to be with their loved ones. I could not imagine having to live with a medical complication in the hospital and not being able to at least hear the voices of those I love. So this inspired me to do something about this. I decided to use my savings to purchase some tablets to donate to local hospitals, but what I found was quite frankly sad. In comparison to organizations that help to provide PPE to health care workers or organizations that help to provide food and water to those affected by the lock down, there was a lack of organizations that help to connect patients to their families. So this inspired me to make a non-profit with the mission of spreading awareness about this and providing people with the ability to donate to this struggle.

Patient Family Connections was founded to connect patients with their families, and you can help us realize this goal. By donating or sending us electronics, you become a part of the community of people contributing to connecting patients to their families.

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